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A complex economic climate, rapid technological development and globalised markets require flexibility and adaptability. Companies need streamlined processes, reliable systems and real-time data to make informed decisions

Mondial connects your CFO Solution and CIO and aligns cutting-edge technology with your strategic vision.

We offer a wide range of services:

Optimise your operations: Simplify workflows, automate manual tasks and ensure compliance with modern regulations such as Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions.

Unlock actionable insights: Leverage business intelligence (BI) and data analytics to gain powerful insights from your financial and operational data.

Embrace digital innovation: Implement secure, cost-effective technology solutions, like cloud-based accounting or ERP systems, that scale with your growth.

TPI Methodology

Mondial Gennext Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has designed different methodologies for Solution implementation projects and Consulting projects.

Over the years the methodologies have been refined and are now proved successful. The methodologies are simple and elegant,practical and collaborative, accentuated even in the most complex, cross-functional, multicultural projects.

Throughout the implementation there is a gradual and phased transfer of knowledge and ownership to your project team, until the project team members champion and drive the new system and the business processes.

SER Methodology

Mondial Gennext Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’S ‘SER Methodology’ defines the scope, expectations and the deliverables with clarity which helps all the stakeholders of the project to track the project from the initiation to the completion.

Though, based on the nature of the project, the activities for each phase of the project is different, the aim of involving all stakeholders at the required phase is never diluted while using this methodology. Mondial Gennext Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’s SER methodology is as follows:

PRICS Methodology

Mondial Gennext Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’S ‘PRICS Methodology’ for Process & Risk consulting Mondial Gennext Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’S ‘PRICS (Process Review, Internal controls and Systems) Methodology’ for process improvement projects ensures that we optimise value for our clients.

Under the PRICS Methodology we understand the current business processes and the overall environment in which the client operates.We assess and analyse the controls built, both in the system and outside the system and plot the observations on our parameterized PRICS Matrix which gives the clear understanding or the problem areas to be tocused and addressed.