Business Process Improvement Services (BPIS)

Unleash Efficiency: Optimize Your Operations with Mondial's Tailored BPIS

Mondial understands this. We help you optimise your operations, boosting efficiency and achieving your objectives.

Our Business Process Improvement Services (BPIS) are tailored to your unique needs. We take a holistic approach, considering:


  1. Process study and document ‘AS-IS’ processes
  2. Creating Function wise workflow diagrams or organisation map
  3. Mapping the process to the IT Solutions being used by the organisation
  4. Suggest the integration and automation possibility for time consuming activities
  5. Identify process wastage (activities that hamper smooth process flow)
  6. Identify requisite SOD (Segregation of Duties) at various level in the organisation
  7. Resource profile alignment and assessing personnel training needs
  8. Collect, Collate and Analyze Data
  9. Identify critical process gaps and missing controls
  10. Identify and Select Option of change
  11. Re-define the process and plan implementation
  12. Implementation management of refined process

Benefits with our BPIS:

  1. Quality improvement across functions
  2. Process ownership by stakeholders boosting confidence of internal customers
  3. Enhanced employee productivity and satisfaction
  4. Increased process efficiency
  5. Increased Customer confidence in business dealings
  6. Cost reduction
  7. Reducing the risks by incorporating proper controls
  8. Operational Benefits such as –
    • Improved inventory turnover
    • Reduced delivery costs
    • Improved cash flow
    • Faster reporting
  9. Simplify Regulatory Compliance
  10. Increased accountability and reliability