Infor SunSystems delivers integrated financial management, purchasing, inventory, and sales management solutions to more than 9,000 customers in 190+ countries.

Infor SunSystems: Your Adaptable Financial Platform For Growth With Mondial

Growing organisations, multi-site subsidiaries of global enterprises, and businesses in need of a sophisticated Financial Performance Management use this solution to get a real-time view of all the moving parts that make a business tick, and turn financial information into profitable action.

It combines over 25+ years of practical application with the latest technological innovations which has proven functionality for managing general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial reporting, and operational reporting and analysis, plus fixed assets, allocations, budget management, and related business functions.

Built on open architecture, Infor SunSystems also integrates easily with other enterprise business systems.

Your financial system should map to your business—not the other way around. Meet change with confidence with Infor SunSystems, which is designed to support and reinforce today’s best financial management practices and address your key challenges.

You’ll be able to adapt to change without changing, get the information you need when you need it, and grow in any market.

Key Business Benefits


Infor ION quickly integrated systems, applications, and data across the enterprise, resulting in a completely unified platform for your entire business to run on.

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  • The Management Team of MONDIAL has more than 50 man-years of experience in implementing and supporting Infor SunSystems in various industry verticals around the globe. 
  • The team understands the expectations of an organisation from a Financial Management Solution and our domain expertise have helped us to create various industry vertical specific solutions. 
  • The deep expertise enables us to step beyond the application and help you enhance enterprise value.
  •  MONDIAL’s TPI Methodology is an eloquent deliverable-based implementation approach, which takes care of the stake-holders expectations and deliverables ranging from project planning to project execution to system’s deployment to project closure. 
  • Throughout the implementation there is a gradual and phased transfer of knowledge and ownership to your project team, until the project team members champion and drives the new system and the business processes.