With the changing business dynamics, competitive climate, stricter regulations and evolving technologies it has become imperative for an organisation to have a holistic approach to ERM (Enterprise Risk Management).

Mastering Risk with mondial for Organisational Growth

Risk, a double-edged sword, can propel growth or engulf an organisation in its flames. Leaders navigating the complex landscape of decision-making must master this delicate dance.

Risk is an integral part of decision making that an organisation makes to achieve its goals. As an organisation grows, so do the various risks surrounding the organisation. The various risks can be broadly categorised into Financial, Operational, Strategic and Compliance. These risks emerge both within and outside the organisation and also emanate from third parties.

Examples of frequently performed risk assessments:

For those organisations that choose to weather this economic storm with the aid of ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), the benefits of their efforts today will likely remain long thereafter. Organisations must constantly and objectively assess and evolve their existing risk management frameworks in light of the organisation’s policies, processes and operations.

We can help your organisation to:

  • Risk Identification, prioritisation and developing risk assessment criteria in line with your desired business objectives
  • Assess the efficiency and effectiveness of current risk management framework and appropriately design the desired robust ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) with Risk Matrix
  • Have control over GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) throughout the organisation
  • Development of Risk registers and risk management process documents, standards and guidelines
  • Formal Risk monitoring and reporting mechanism with changing industry trends and business contingencies
  • Training and communication mechanism on ERM (Enterprise Risk Management).

Benefits with Mondial's ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Consulting:

  • We help organisations aligning the ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) to corporate objectives which is the crucial start-point to any successful ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) practice
  • Risk rating scales are defined in relation to organisation’s objectives in scope, based on terms of impact and likelihood of occurrence.
  • We understand and ensure that committed involvement and whole-hearted management support is the key
  • Our expertise and deep understanding of business dynamics and operations help to conceptualise adequate and a robust ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) Model
  • We take a holistic approach to ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) implementation and design suitable decision support systems that help organisations built a sustainable and robust ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)