Mondial Compliance Review services (CRS) can be specific focusing on projects based (i.e. SOx, ISO, AML, Basel II, etc…) or we can conduct a broad based compliance framework review.

Empowering Compliance with mondial's Review Services

Regulations evolve at lightning speed, and organizations struggle to keep pace. Static processes become outdated, demanding a fresh approach. Don’t risk the consequences of non-compliance, including financial penalties and reputational damage.

Compliance is one area organisations cannot afford to cut loose as the implications may be grave in terms of penalties both monetary (financial loss) and non-monetary (reputation loss)

Mondial Compliance Review services (CRS) extends beyond the traditional regulatory compliance framework. We also review the compliance’s w.r.t operational policies and procedures.

Clients can also use our proactive Compliance Review services (CRS) for internal training, creating operating procedures and policy formulations.

We review the compliance process to ascertain its effectiveness and timeliness and also highlight the risks of non-compliance.

Our Compliance Review services (CRS) offering:

  1. Creating of Compliance Risk Assessment Matrix (CRAM)
  2. Documenting compliance processes and workflow
  3. Testing design effectiveness and evaluating controls
  4. Identifying financial risks arising out of non compliance
  5. Design policies and procedures
  6. Compliance Audit

Benefits with our Compliance Review services (CRS):

  1. Design of efficient compliance framework leading to timely adherence to stringent timeliness timeliness, thereby integrating business and compliance framework
  2. Critical control gaps identified and remedial measures undertaken
  3. Optimise the cost of compliance activities
  4. Continuous control monitoring mechanisms to identify and track non-compliances
  5. Achieve greater transparency across the company
  6. Control and faster access to compliance documentation and reconciliation statements
  7. Training need is identified and staff trained accordingly for efficient discharge of duties