Who We Are

We specialise in implementing and designing technology-enabled solutions.

Who We Are

We at MONDIAL IT are peopled by young, energetic, innovative and committed minds

We are excited about simplifying client's business complexities, thereby, helping them to pioneer in today's dynamic and competitive environment.

MONDIAL IT, an Information Technology and Business Consulting organisation, bridges the Gap between technical and functional intricacies' of a business requirement. The techno-functional blend in the organisation ascertains the assurance to envelope the gamut of solutions and services vital for the CFO's and the CIO's of every client.

Every project that we embark on entails our core aim i.e. 'Complete Customer Satisfaction'. At the heart of our efforts is an uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation. The principle of Kaizen (continuous improvement) inspires an on-going drive for excellence that allows clients to feel confident in the quality of our solutions and services.

'An Ambit of Consultancy' is what we call ourselves. We give our clients the choice of the best-in-class solutions and services to run their business. We constantly invest in skills of our wealthiest asset, i.e. Our People, who in turn uninterruptedly 'Innovate' the solutions and services.

Welcome to MONDIAL IT and experience the difference that we can create.

About Us

We specialize in design and implementation of technology-enabled solutions. Our IT Solutions focus on the requirements of the CFO and the CIO. We have aligned our service offerings with the prominent software companies and by recruiting one of the best talent pools in the industry, offering our customers most dynamic, powerful and innovative solutions. We have an enviable track record in implementing successful Office of CFO and CIO solutions and embark pride in our long term relationships with our clients.

In IT Consulting, we assist firms to evaluate and select IT Solutions, manage the implementation of the solution, and facilitate all related organizational changes to ensure that our clients realize the full business benefits from their IT Solutions and justify the ROI. Committed to delivering excellence in services, we partner our clients in achieving highest standards of performance through our profound industry & business process expertise, security assessment, IT control assessment and compliance review.

The passion for technology innovation combined with deep industry and business process expertise, client satisfaction and collaborative workforce personifies the quality of service we deliver.

We take pride in our ability to provide quality services - whether they are an owner-managed business or a large multinational corporation. We are a multi-skilled, multi-disciplined firm, offering clients a wide range of industry-focused business and IT solutions.

MONDIAL IT appreciates your interest in us. We invite you to browse through the various sections of this website to help you to know us better and to understand our capabilities. We look forward to partnering with you.

Mission and Vision

Our Vision is to be a Premier IT Consulting Organisation, by setting New Standards of Excellence with no compromise in our Values, and be Pillar of Trust for our clients, serving them Globally.


Our Core Values

At MONDIAL IT, our values define our character, ethics, and culture and shape our decisions. Our people are united by values that apply to every interaction we have with our clients, our communities and each other. Our name MONDIAL, reflect our Values.



We mitarbeit (collaborate) with our clients to create a profound ecosystem leading to a perfect delivery. This is one of the core values to achieve our aim of Complete Customer Satisfaction.


Ownership reflects our highest commitment and accountability for the work we do.




Innovation is at the core of our Solutions and Services. We constantly make efforts to innovate and improve our services around the solutions that we offer to our clients.


We constantly work with the vigor to raise the bar and enhance our standards of service excellence. We are committed to assure and meet all deadlines and conditions negotiated regarding all our deliveries, as a way to keep the kind of excellency our standards compels us to.




We adhere to high principals and standards and are committed to be honest and reliable, doing right things at right time. We strongly believe in listening attentively and communicate appropriately.


We believe in Networking, achieving and succeeding together in our endeavors. We create and build value through partnerships and alliances. Together we can achieve more.




We lead by example, are candid and open to learn and groom leaders within the organization. We think and act strategically, demand and recognize performance, treat others fairly and with respect.


Our Culture

At MONDIAL, we strongly believe in delivering the best when it comes to client commitments. It is MONDIALities who make all the difference. At MONDIAL, we just don't hire resources, we nurture talent. All the MONDIALities share the common goal of 'Complete Customer Satisfaction', which is embedded in our DNA. We don't think twice before walking that extra mile, if need be. In the end, all we strive for is that curve on our clients face.

Work hard and party harder! Yes, MONDIALities are hard core adventure & party guys, when not at work. Our interests range from IPL to Soccer, cycling to photography, tracking to scuba diving and much more. MONDIAL is not an organization, it's a family. With every talent and client we add, our family grows!!!

Social & Environmental Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to CSR initiatives in the areas of education, health and environment. We aim to run our operations in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner. In line with our values, we have defined our practices for sourcing and the treatment of others. We continue to work to develop new and additional company-wide initiatives to promote sustainability across all aspects of our business.

Ethical Sourcing

At MONDIAL we are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and honesty throughout all aspects of our business. We seek to use only vendors who meet the highest standards for safe, healthful working conditions and follow employment practices that conform to local law, best industry practices and our company standards. This includes, among other things, a prohibition against child labor, prison or forced labor, unsafe working conditions or unfair wage practices.

MONDIAL Value Proposition

Businesses are getting dynamic by the day, so are the customer expectations. With the plethora of options available it has become imperative to provide a solution, which is sustainable, scalable and adds value over a long term. Evolving technology is also proving to be a game changer.

Organizations are finding it difficult to meet challenges such as rising stakeholder expectations, compliance frameworks, need for innovation, social commerce and pervasive computing. Efficient analytics, integrated processes, and streamlined workflows to ensure real-time collaboration and intelligent decision-making are imperative.

Our clients leverage our expertise in consulting, and technology solutions to transform their businesses and create outcomes in key areas like accelerated innovation, efficient process and integrated solutions.

Every project that we embark on entails our core aim i.e. 'Complete Customer Satisfaction'. To accomplish this, we continuously invest in our methodologies, innovate our solutions, and we keep grooming and acquiring talent.

Our Unique Value Proposition comprises of -
  • Our Project based delivery model provides customers the flexibility to access resources and the ability to scale-up/down resources without any significant time delays or quality lapses.
  • Consistency in Delivery - Customers have the benefit of dealing with one dedicated team as compared to multiple teams which other global firms will / have to deploy.
  • Preventive review rather than detective review - continuous improvement by aligning with process owner and focusing efforts on problem prevention.
  • Meticulous follow up - Recommendation / Management comment redefined to 'Agreed upon action plans' with defined responsible person and timeliness.
  • Proven Successful Methodology - Its simple and elegant, practical and collaborative, accentuated even in the most complex, cross-functional, multi-cultural projects.
  • Techno Functional Team-ascertains - the assurance to envelope the gamut of solutions and services vital for the CFO's and the CIO's of any organization.